I wasn’t sure how to finish 31 days of horror. There were several films I’d planned to watch or rewatch that I never got to. However, I decided that watching The Birds was a great way to end the month. I’d never seen the film from beginning to end and wasn’t sure if I could handle the old effects. Luckily, I was really into the movie and found it genuinely scary. The Birds is definitely a Must See film.

The Birds - Berk ReviewsThe Birds scared me and made me question the motives of that sketchy pigeon on my roof!

Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) travels from San Francisco to Bodega Bay to play a practical joke on Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor). The prank goes well and on her way back into the pier a seagull attacks her. That is the first of an increasing number of bird attacks at Bodega Bay that has the town in a panic.

The Birds - Berk ReviewsAfter watching it, I desperately want to watch a making of documentary of this film. As I strive to become a better film person, I’ve found that all the hype about Hitchcock is true. Not that it surprises me, but I was always afraid I may not appreciate his films. Excellence, apparently, has no expiration date and his craftsman ship is awe-inspiring. The amount of work that had to be put into The Birds in order to pull it off is blowing my mind. I desperately want to see how the various scenes were made.

Did The Birds inspire zombie films?

The Birds - Berk ReviewsMelanie Daniels and Rod Taylor are so great in this film. Actually, I love all the actors in this film from the young Veronica Cartwright as Cathy to Suzanne Pleshette as Annie. Their well-being was so important to me that the horror felt real. In fact, The Birds feels a lot like Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. It made me wonder if this film inspired the zombie genre. People holed up in a house surrounded by killing focused creatures on all sides. The film definitely has that tone and feeling of hopelessness found in zombie films.

Finding the greatness of Hitchcock and then writing about it does feel like I’m the last one to the party. There isn’t much left in the way of snacks and most of the other people are ready to head home. Nevertheless, I loved this film and am glad it was my final for the Horrortober challenge. If you’re like I was and had missed out on this film you should definitely see it. It has inspired me to honor a local attraction, Bok Towers, with a b-horror film called squirrels. Maybe I can make that happen!