I remember seeing trailers for You’re Next when it was coming out. I’d already seen The Strangers and wasn’t a big fan so I blew off this movie. After hearing good things though, I decided to give You’re Next a chance. I’m really glad I gave it a chance. I give You’re Next the Must See rating.

You're Next - Berk ReviewsYou’re Next is an immersive film with characters you care about

The Davison family is coming together for their parents wedding anniversary. The four siblings, each with their significant other, join their mom and dad at their secluded home. It’s not long that the family comes under attack by a group of mysterious killers in animal masks. However, one of the victims has a hidden talent and drive to survive.

You're Next - Berk ReviewsI loved Sharni Vinson in this movie. She plays Erin who is Crispian’s (AJ Bowen) girlfriend in the film. Erin is meeting her boyfriend’s family for the first time, which is a nerve racking experience in and of itself. However, it’s not long into dinner that a bolt flies through a window. She steps into action and takes the role as the lead of the film. A position Vinson proves was the right choice. She is absolutely in charge and I found myself cheering for her loudly.

You're Next - Berk ReviewsAdam Wingard directs and does a great job of establishing the tone of the film. There are some great sequences that showcase his style. My favorite is definitely when Erin retreats to the basement followed closely by an assailant. She smashes out the light bulbs and Wingard uses some great visuals during those moments. As the sequence progresses in a dark basement, Erin uses a camera as a strobe light. It’s just one of many great moments where she demonstrates her intelligence and desire to survive.

The film is bloody for sure. Yet, it’s not a typical slasher film with a thin plot. There is a bit of a mystery at play and it unfolds expertly. The rest of the cast is great included Joe Swanberg and Nicholas Tucci. Swanberg manages to add some humor to several scenes especially early in the film. It is an interesting film and definitely one that’s worth checking out if you’re into horror thrillers.