I’m working through horror movies, Anton Yelchin films, and recommendations from friends. Thus, I decided watching Burying the Ex made sense. I loved Housebound so much I’ve been looking for another film that hits both comedy and horror so well. Unfortunately, Burying the Ex doesn’t do as good of a job. However, it’s not a bad film earning the Decent Watch rating.

Burying the Ex - Berk ReviewsBurying the Ex is a zombie rom-com that needs a little work, but is still entertaining.

Max (Anton Yelchin) is having lots of regrets about allowing Evelyn (Ashley Greene) to move in with him. He’s decided to break it off, but before he can she dies in a tragic accident. As a result of a wish Evelyn returns from the dead and makes Max have to man up or live with the undead.

Burying the Ex - Berk ReviewsThis is definitely an alternate take on the zombie lore. Evelyn is fully functional with motor skills and conversation. If anything she’s even more flexible as her bones break and shift with ease. She doesn’t seem to have any craving that traditional zombies have, but she does want to turn Max so they can be together forever. It’s definitely an interesting premise and a result of a genie devil plus a casual wish. Director Joe Dante is definitely at home with a film like this. A zombie romantic comedy.

Burying the Ex - Berk ReviewsAnton Yelchin is great as always, but I didn’t really like Ashley Greene’s performance. Olivia, the new love interest,  is played by Alexandra Daddario. She plays the role pretty well and maybe a little too clingy. A zombie rom-com sounds like a pretty good idea. It worked in Warm Bodies, but it feels a little forced here. The time table of the film doesn’t seem to flow in a way that’s fun or believable. I would have liked Evelyn to start turning people earlier forcing Max’s hand. How long does he hold out from breaking up with her if she’s creating a horde of zombies.

Even though it wasn’t amazing, it still had some funny moments. I am getting sadder by the movie about Anton’s passing this year. He was such an amazing actor that he makes poorly developed films still feel entertaining. He’s able to be charming and sympathetic even when he’s lying to two girls.