I’m having fun watching and re-watching horror movies this month. Getting to introduce my daughter to the Friday the 13th franchise has been a long time wish. I loved these films growing up and we decided she was old enough this year. We all watched the first one and, while the film isn’t perfect, we had a good time. Really, movies are supposed to be entertaining and art. Friday the 13th fails as art, but succeeds in entertainment earning it the Decent Watch rating.

Friday the 13th - Berk ReviewsFriday the 13th is a personal favorite from the 80’s slasher movies

Camp Crystal Lake is reopening after twenty years ago a murder of two counselors shut it down. A new group of counselors is working to get the camp going when an unknown assailant silently stalks and kills them off.

Friday the 13th - Berk ReviewsThis movie has suffered from time. While I am a fan of practical effects, the skin on the prosthetics has a gray tint that doesn’t match the actors at all.  It looks pretty bad at times, but makes up for it with inventive deaths. Well, somewhat inventive like an arrow through the throat. The film also features the killer placing the victims in strategic ways to scare the survivor. Something that is only sensible in slasher movies, but makes for cheap, comedic jump scares.

Potential Spoilers follows

Friday the 13th - Berk ReviewsThere aren’t any particular performances that stand out in this film. Kevin Bacon is fine, Betsy Palmer is creepy, and Adrienne King plays the innocent victim well enough. The fashion screams 80’s and the parables about being morally correct or you’ll die are present. Alice (King) is the best behaved and does bad only when pressured by the others. She was also wanting to leave the camp while everyone else shrugged off the town’s warnings. Her surviving was expected for sure.

My favorite part about watching the film was watching my daughter and wife react to the film. My wife was the most scared for sure. Neither of them knew the big spoiler about the first film. It’s one that I never forgot and I now look forward to watching the second one with them. Again, these films aren’t perfect, but they have a special place in my movie viewing history. Jason is my favorite of the big three 80’s monsters.