I’ve seen several Denzel Washington movies, but I’ve missed a lot of the more dramatic ones. Antwone Fisher is definitely more dramatic, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is sad and inspiring and I was engaged from beginning to end. I give Antwone Fisher the Must See rating.

Antwone Fisher - Berk ReviewsAntwone Fisher was emotional draining, but super inspiring.

Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke), a young navy man, gets into a fight with a fellow navy man. As a result, he is forced to see Dr. Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington), a psychiatrist. Fisher eventually reveals a painful past, but new hope begins.

Antwone Fisher - Berk ReviewsI found Antwone Fisher’s story, yeah it’s written by Antwone Fisher, to be extremely compelling. It hit the emotional beats and made me cry at the end of it. Denzel Washington directs this film and it really works for me. It is a story that shows your past doesn’t make you who you become. No matter how tough it gets a person can overcome and succeed. Sometimes they need help and that’s where the relationship between Antwone and Dr. Davenport works.

Antwone Fisher - Berk ReviewsI also really enjoyed Fisher and Cheryl Smolley (Joy Bryant) relationship. As their relationship progresses it reflects his personal growth. He is finally moving in the right direction  when he accepts her flirtations. As he gets more comfortable with Dr. Davenport he starts to open up to Cheryl. Derek Luke and Joy Bryant bring a lot to the movie. Joy’s facial expressions convey so much emotion it’s easy to see her feelings for Antwone growing. A simple look in his direction tells us exactly what we need to know.

It’s film I wanted to see for a while. I’m glad that I finally gave it a chance. It was definitely enjoyable and inspirational. I’m now on a mission to watch more of Denzel’s dramas as I seem to have missed a lot of those. I like seeing a story that show an individual overcoming insurmountable odds.