There was a point last year when I first heard about I Saw the Light. I thought “Tom Hiddleston playing Hank Williams, I’m in!” Then the reviews I started hearing weren’t very good. That didn’t stop my wife and I from renting it from Redbox. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like this movie. Thus, I give I Saw the Light the Avoid like the Plague rating.

I saw the light - Berk ReviewsI Saw the Light was dimmer than expected

This story of Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston), the country-western singer. In his short life he managed to create a large body of work as the film chronicles his rise to fame. It showcases his talent while his struggles with women and addiction.

I saw the light - Berk ReviewsThere is a chance this movie was so bad to me because of my lack of knowledge. I know who Hank Williams is by name, but I really don’t know his story. That seems like that should be an advantage for a film telling a story I’ve never heard of, but the way in which the story is told is bad. A large span of time is traveled with little connections between scenes. The film opts for a series of vignettes that essentially shows Williams as talented but broken.

I saw the light - Berk ReviewsHiddleston was fine in the role, but my wife didn’t think his voice was close enough to Williams. The supporting cast wasn’t fantastic as the band may has well not been there. Elizabeth Olsen plays Audrey Williams, Hank’s first wife, and is okay. Apparently Audrey wanted to be a singer, but isn’t talented. Makes sense with Olsen’s casting then as her voice was torturous. The other characters in the film are as forgettable as their screen time is short.

Lights out on this Hank Williams story

Writer/director Marc Abraham didn’t really do anything to make this biopic stand-out. It’s relatively paint by number, but with nothing stringing the narrative together well. It didn’t really seem awe inspiring, which is how I often feel when I see a biopic. I wonder how could one man have accomplished so much. This made Williams seem like an average guy not worthy of a film.