I really wanted to see Elvis & Nixon in the theater. I missed it when it was close, but I noticed it was on Amazon Prime. It’s a really interesting film with some solid performances from Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. I definitely enjoyed it giving the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.

Elvis & Nixon - Berk ReviewsElvis & Nixon is a fun look at the making of a historic photo

Elvis Presley (Michael Shannon) is disgusted with the world he is living in. He seeks to meet with President Nixon (Kevin Spacey) to become a Federal Agent at Large. Their meeting results in the most requested photograph in the National Archives, but this film looks at the story behind the photo.

Elvis & Nixon - Berk ReviewsElvis & Nixon, directed by Liza Johnson, stars Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. I’m a fan of both the actors. Their time on screen together was definitely my favorite part of the film. Nixon was reluctant to meet Elvis, but Elvis managed to charm him even after breaking all rules. It’s a fun moment and the conversation is pretty crazy.

There is a scene where Elvis goes to get a donut. He goes to a shop and people of course recognize him. They seem to not quite like who he is and question him about his jewelry. Elvis shows off his pistol as a sign to not mess with him, which gets a laugh. He ordered an original maple donut and a women says something about him being a fake. He turns her words around when he orders two more fake donuts and it gets a pretty good laugh. It really demonstrated the charm Elvis was supposed to have and why he was loved by so many.

Elvis & Nixon - Berk ReviewsI have to give credit to Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Knoxville, Colin Hanks, and Evan Peters. Pettyfer and Knoxville play Elvis’s entourage while Hanks and Peters work for the president. Hanks and Peters were great orchestrated the meetup of the King and president. I like their interaction and Hank’s during the meeting really gets uptight.

It’s a really fun story. It proposes an alternate history that is somewhat plausible. I honestly don’t know a lot about Elvis, but what I’ve heard seems like this could have happened. It’s probably not what happened, but it’s fun to wonder if it did.