When I was in high school I watched Friday frequently. I was a fan of Ice Cube and for some reason I skipped on the Barbershop movies. My daughter and I sat to watch Barbershop while playing Pokemon Monopoly. It’s a very funny movie with enough substance to really make it memorable. I give Barbershop the rating of Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy.  

Barbershop - Berk ReviewsBarbershop hits both comedic notes and emotional ones.

Calvin Palmer runs his family’s barbershop in Chicago. He’s struggling with his own dreams and the debt he inherited with the shop. He is looking for a way to keep the shop open that may allow him to move on to other things.

Barbershop - Berk ReviewsThe film is extremely funny with known comedic actors Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson, and Ice Cube. The film primarily takes place inside the barbershop as customers come and go throughout the day. It also follows J.D. (Anderson) and his bumbling assistant who stole an ATM and are trying to get inside of it. The two stories eventually converge and in a heartfelt way. The idea of tradition, family, and acceptance is really pushed through with Cedric’s character, Eddie, and Sean Patrick Thomas’s Jimmy.

Barbershop - Berk ReviewsBarbershop is directed by Tim Story and written by Mark Brown. There are a lot of characters in the film to juggle, but I feel the film does a good job of giving enough substance to each one. When Leonard Earl Howze, playing Dinka in the film, punches Terri Jones’ (Eve) boyfriend, Kevin (Jason George), in the face after it looked Kevin was going to attack Terri I cheered. The film pulled me into the shop and I cared about all of the individuals and what would happen to them by the end of the film.

My daughter and I both enjoyed the film and now plan on watching the second and third. I hope they are as well crafted comically and emotionally as the first. Either way, I have been a fan of Ice Cube’s comedic films for a long while now. If you feel the same and skipped Barbershop I recommend checking it out.