I guess after watching Central Intelligence I’m going to be giving Kevin Hart more of a chance. My wife saw The Wedding Ringer was on-demand and it began playing seconds later. The trailers reminded me of Hitch, which is a film I’m not fond of, so I was apprehensive about it. Fortunately, The Wedding Ringer turned out to be a Decent Watch.

The Wedding Ringer - Berk ReviewsThe Wedding Ringer made me laugh more than expected.

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is two weeks away from marrying Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco), who he says is out of his league, but he doesn’t have a best man. He is pointed in the direction of Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) who runs a company that provides best men for grooms in need.

The Wedding Ringer - Berk ReviewsI’m starting to realize I’m a fan of Josh Gad. I really like him in The Rocker and Wish I was Here. He also manages to play the socially awkward character in a way that felt a lot less annoying than other films versions of the character. Kevin Hart is really funny in this film. I love when he is told his name is Bic Mitchum and he starts becoming Bic. The rest of the cast has some familiar faces including Affion Crockett, Jorge Garcia, Dan Gill, Corey Holcomb, Ken Howard, Alan Ritchson, and Aaron Takahashi.

The Wedding Ringer - Berk ReviewsThe film has some excessive bad language, but is fairly mild until the bachelor party. That scene is crazy and plays on some old jokes that were shocking when they were first said, and this film takes it up a notch. Let’s just say, there is peanut butter and a dog. The film earns its R rating for sure, but it was still pretty funny.

Director Jeremy Garelick did a solid job making this film funny, but predictable. The movie ends pretty much as I expected, but it’s funny enough that it can be watched. I would probably watch it again, but may turn it off after a while. Still, it was better than I expected.