Anton Yelchin’s passing made me realize how few of his films I’d seen. I’m working my way through his filmography and 5 to 7 was available on Showtime. Corey Starr recommended this film to me and Doug Benson mentioned it on a recent episode of Doug Loves Movies. I really loved 5 to 7 from the acting, the story, and the visual storytelling earning it the Must See rating.

5 to 7 - Berk Reviews5 to 7 is a great, unconventional romance!

Brian (Anton Yelchin) is an aspiring writer in New York meets Arielle (Berenice Marlohe) and instantly falls for her. She seems to reciprocate the interest, but there’s catch: she’s married. However, her husband (Lambert Wilson) and she have an arrangement where they can see other people from 5 to 7.

5 to 7 - Berk ReviewsWritten and directed by Victor Levin, 5 to 7 has some amazing camera work. The choices he makes with long takes as the Brian and Arielle walk towards the camera, seeing them through doorways, on the balcony of a building looking down at street traffic,  or cutting Glenn Close’s head out of the top of the frame to pay off moments later is masterful. All of the shots in this film have a purpose and many pay off at the end if you’re paying attention. I wouldn’t have guessed this was his first and only film he has directed, but I look forward to seeing his future endeavors.

5 to 7 - Berk ReviewsAnton Yelchin was such an amazing talent. His ability to carry whatever emotion needed is outstanding. He can make you laugh, smile, or cry as needed to tell the story. His interaction with Berenice Marlohe is heartfelt and beautiful. The scenes with his parents (Frank Langella and Glenn Close) are so great. There’s a nuance to their performance that gives so much history to their relationship without unneeded expositional dialogue.

There is so much to appreciate in this film. I definitely think it’s one for everyone to check out. The cast is terrific, the story is heartfelt, the emotions are all here, and is very expertly shot. It’s not to say it’s a perfect film, but I was enraptured by it.