Seth MacFarlane knows how to make me laugh. I was an avid fan of Family Guy for years. I enjoyed Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West. I didn’t make it to the theater to see Ted 2, but I caught it on HBO and still found it funny.  There is enough to make it a solid comedy. I feel like Ted 2 is Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy.

Ted 2 - Berk ReviewsTed 2 made me laugh quite a bit!

Ted (Seth MacFarlane) just married the love of his life, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). They want to have a baby, but in order to adopt Ted has to be a person. With the help of John (Mark Wahlberg) and their lawyer Samantha (Amanda Seyfried), they have to prove that Ted is a person in a court of law.

Ted 2 - Berk ReviewsTed is basically Peter Griffin if he were a stuffed teddy bear that came to life. For some reason, that usually cracks me up. The movie is vulgar and does go for the gross out moments, but manages to make them work. I’ve always found MacFarlane is really good with comedic timing. Whether that is throwing the punchline at the right moment or how long the joke runs it often works. I also love the moments where Ted comments on what someone else is saying, but they seem to ignore him. I laughed a lot during this film.

Ted 2 - Berk ReviewsSeeing Patrick Warburton cosplay as the Tick may be a highlight of the film. If you’re a fan of the Tick it was a solid moment. Giovanni Ribisi reprises his role of Donny and they kind of made it make sense. As always, there are some fun cameos like Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman that add to the comedy. Wahlberg does a good job of being the dumb sidekick to Ted in this film.

By no means is this film a comedic masterpiece, but it still makes me laugh. The plots silly even when they try and add some real world context to it. It’s hard to take those moments as genuine as the actual plot is pretty far fetched. However, I enjoy the comedy and Ted as a character. If you liked the first one you’ll probably enjoy this one, too.