Swiss Army Man - Berk ReviewsWhen I first heard about Swiss Army Man after its Sundance showing I wanted to see it. I reached out to A24 to see if I could get a screener, but instead got to see Green Room. I was worried Swiss Army Man wouldn’t come to Polk County, but Lakeland got it. I went in with tons of expectations and it lived up to them. I love Swiss Army Man and it gets the Must See rating.

Swiss Army Man is movie making multi-tool

Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded in the wilderness and ready to end his life. A dead body washes up on shore and gives Hank hope. Hank and Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) embark on a crazy journey to find home and love.

Swiss Army Man - Berk ReviewsDirecting and writing duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (collectively called Daniels) created a great story. There is so much comedy and fun, yet plenty of heart and sadness built into this film. I would say Swiss Army Man may use the soundtrack in the most fun and imaginative way possible. Some just random sounds and some familiar soundtrack references blend perfectly into the film and the story. The style of the film is beautiful and full of interesting colors.

Swiss Army Man - Berk ReviewsPaul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe are absolutely perfect in this movie. Dano’s comedic timing is so vital to the film and it works wonders. He mumbles and talks to himself in ways that really work for the comedy. Radcliffe may have had the hardest time of not acting and using the bare minimum to get his character across. It’s marvelous and such a pleasure to watch these two on screen together. Paired with the interesting visuals and awesome soundtrack the film is such a fun experience to have.

Why isn’t everyone as crazy about this movie?

You’ll notice the film is getting mixed reviews. Yes, there are fart jokes. Yes, the premise is a little weird. However, this film is so original in a sea of buddy comedies and summer releases it’s as fresh as the water pouring from Manny’s mouth. One sip and you’ll be refreshed.

I definitely think this is another shining example of A24’s ability to pick-up some great indie movies. Green Room and The Lobster from this year plus Ex Machina and Room from last year have all been amazing. The two actors from Swiss Army Man should be seen and recognized for the great performances.