Top Gun - Berk ReviewsI had never seen Top Gun. My wife loves it and convinced me to watch it via Amazon Prime. I do have a tendency to like Tom Cruise, but 80’s movies are hit or miss for me. Top Gun has tons of references that I’d heard before and never knew were from it. Negative Ghost Rider will never be heard the same again. I actually like Top Gun earning the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.

Top Gun has a soundtrack that’s invaded my brain!!!

Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) are sent to the United States Navy’s elite fighter weapons school to compete to be best in the class. Maverick is a daring young pilot that learns a few things from Charlie (Kelly McGillis), a civilian instructor, that are not taught in the classroom.

Top Gun - Berk ReviewsSo, I have a friend who apparently built his personality from this movie. I didn’t realize it until I was watching. I knew he made a few references, but I didn’t know how many until this film was over. I’m surprised he never made me serenade “Lost that loving feeling” to random women. The movie uses it’s music expertly and manages to stick the entire soundtrack into your head.

Top Gun - Berk ReviewsVal Kilmer plays Iceman who is a clear antagonist, but is completely correct with his assessment of Maverick. The conflict varies though as Maverick also has to deal with his own demons multiple times in the film. The oddest thing to me is Tim Robbins as Merlin listed second on the cast list on IMDb. I still don’t remember seeing Merlin in the film anywhere! He’s not even in the cast call video clips that show the actor with their names and characters names at the end. What’s up with that IMDb.

Viper is Maverick’s Yoda

I enjoyed Tom Skerritt as Viper who is essentially Maverick’s Yoda. He manages to be a solid leader who still supports Maverick’s antics. Michael Ironside as Jester, the second in command at the school, is fun seeing him look relatively the same as he does now. My biggest disappointment was James Tolkan as Stinger not calling Maverick a Slacker.

Top Gun - Berk ReviewsPerhaps the oddest choice director Tony Scott made was the beach volleyball scene. One, poor Goose not being confident enough to take his shirt off, but what an oddly competitive choice. It seems a game of darts or football would have been more inline with masculinity showdown they were going for. In fact, armwrestling would have been better!

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t think that I would and I was wrong. It’s a solid story with interesting enough characters. Some of the exposition is a little clunky, but it works when paired with the intense flight sequences.