Call Me Lucky - Berk ReviewsCall Me Lucky is the third of the four Bobcat Goldthwait films I planned to watch. I first heard of this film on Doug Loves Movies. I didn’t even know Bobcat was directing until I heard about Call Me Lucky. I have enjoyed all three so far and Call Me Lucky gets the Must See rating.

Call Me Lucky is a story everyone should hear

This documentary showcases Barry Crimmins, a pissed off comedian, who began in the 80s. He did a lot of political commentary and helped a lot of comics get their start. However, Barry Crimmins has done much more than just help others get started.

Call Me Lucky - Berk ReviewsThis documentary is very well put together. Bobcat does a great job of threading the story that is being told. He alludes to Crimmins bigger story early, but finds organic ways to delay it. Crimmins personality is compelling enough to watch, but this story hook really sold me for the long run. Talking head interviews with Marc Maron, Patton Oswalt, and David Cross were compelling and well shot. The stock footage is used effectively as is the animated stories that pop up.

I had not heard of Barry Crimmins before Doug Benson brought up the documentary. I am surprised that I hadn’t as I am a huge fan of stand-up comedy. More, what he ends up crusading against is a topic that I am also against. His story is both inspiring and heartbreaking. The people he influenced in the comedy world are only the beginning.

Call Me Lucky - Berk ReviewsCrimmins reveals that he was raped as a child. A revelation that he uses to fight against child rape. The documentary covers the impact that Crimmins had on this issue. It’s a sad and compelling story that manages to be inspirational.

You may not agree with all of Crimmins’s political views, but most people will agree with his rage. The documentary is very well assembled and the story is compelling. It is currently available on Netflix. I definitely recommend this one.