Rear Window - Berk ReviewsRear Window is a film that I know a lot about but had never seen. I know the overall premise and I have seen many different takes on the story told in the film. The Simpson’s did it, there are several adaptations of the story in recent films, and I remember the early Hitchcock exhibit at Universal Studios Orlando that has a scene from Rear Window. Reviewing a film like this is challenging, but I have to say Rear Window is a Must See for film lovers.

Rear Window holds up all this time

B. Jefferies (James Stewart) is a photographer who was recently injured taking a picture of a race car leaving him with a broken leg and in a wheelchair. Being trapped in his home has left him bored and he has found joy in watching his neighbors from his apartment window. That is until he is convinced that one of them has committed a murder.

Rear Window - Berk ReviewsRight before I started this challenge I re-watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the first time since I was a kid. I instantly became a major fan of that film and of James Stewart. He gives an outstanding performance in Rear Window and I really look forward to watching him perform in other films. The character he plays in really interesting. The love story in the film with Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) is really great as it tangles with the mystery of the film.

Rear Window - Berk ReviewsNot sure if anyone else ever said this, but Alfred Hitchcock is a great director. But seriously, watching his ability to thread the story through the characters interactions is extremely impressive. He even managed to throw me off as to what was real and what was imagined by the boredom of the character. I’m not adding anything new to Hitchcock’s legacy here. However, I definitely want to watch the rest of the box set I have available to me.

If you’re like me and sitting on the sidelines of the Hitchcock fandom I definitely recommend you get off the bench and check out Rear Window. There is one visual part that doesn’t quite hold up, but the guy was working with what he could. The suspense the film manages to create and characters in the film are very enjoyable. Definitely a Must See!