Music and Lyrics - Berk ReviewsIt’s becoming apparent that for all the critically acclaimed films I love and all the cheesy, over-the-top films I despise, romantic comedies have wormed their way into my heart. While I don’t love all of them, I do tend to be more forgiving of the ones that make me laugh. Music and Lyrics was one I had no intention of ever watching, but came across it on regular TV a view years back and found Hugh Grant’s charm and wit mixed with music was a solid combination of comedy. It was on HBO so I watched it again for the first time in a while and found it still really funny at moments and charming at times. Music and Lyrics is definitely a Decent Watch.

Music and Lyrics is a fun rom-com!

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a washed-up, 80’s pop star who is currently living off his old fans playing small venues and fairs when a big opportunity to write a song for a modern pop artist makes him brush off his songwriting skills. He finds an unlikely writing partner in the women watering his plants, Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), who has her own troubled past she’s trying to escape.

Music and Lyrics - Berk ReviewsHugh Grant isn’t usually an actor that I have seen a lot of his work. However, he really won me over in this film as his wit fires quickly and his charm makes his character very likable. Drew Barrymore is an actress who I’ve seen a lot of her work, but can sometimes be more annoying than charming. She tiptoes that line in this film, but for the most part I want Sophie and Alex to end up together throughout the film.

Being a former musician definitely affects my feelings for this film. I love the scenes of the song writing and Alex’s description of music. His passion for pop music and defense of his sensibility stating that no piece of literature could bring a smile to your face as quickly as a song. It’s a great argument and his example of “I’ve got sunshine”  makes a good case. This passion for music his character shows not only reminds me of my younger self, but makes for a good character trait that makes me really like him.

Music and Lyrics - Berk ReviewsThe film follows the usual romantic comedy beats. Things look perfect and the two lovebirds finally find each other, but, inevitably, something will make them think it’s a mistake. The curve ball here becomes will they fix the schism or cause it to be irrevocably ruined. I won’t spoil what happens in this film of course, but this formulaic style does wear thin. Ultimately, the rom-com survives on his comedic moments more so than the overall plot structure, and this film works for me in that style.

There are some moments in this film that really make me laugh and through most of it I sit with a goofy smile on my face. The that gets written in the film is decent, but feels much like a pop song often does.  If you haven’t seen Music and Lyrics and you don’t mind the traditional romantic comedy formula then it’s probably worth a watch.