Spy - Berk ReviewsThe trailers for Spy didn’t sell me on the idea of the movie at all. While I think highly of Melissa McCarthy’s acting ability, I often find the roles she ends up in to be disappointing. Spy looked like one of those films that wouldn’t let her shine and would ultimately degrade her, but it turns out that this is a great parody film and even mocks some of the roles McCarthy finds herself in. After watching it with my wife on HBO I find Spy to be Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy.

Spy is a solid satire!

Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is a desk jockey for the CIA where she acts as an extra set of eyes and information resource for Bradley Fine (Jude Law), a spy for the CIA. After information comes in of a double agent in the agency, Cooper volunteers to enter the field to try to gain information about the new enemy in order to prevent a nuclear weapon from being sold.

Spy - Berk ReviewsMcCarthy gets to shine multiple times in this film and actually making her quite a legitimate character despite the comedy in the film. There are moments where her character gains a lot of confidence and really shows what she is capable of as an actress. Her interactions with Jason Statham, who plays another spy named Rick Ford, are some of the funniest in the film. Statham surprised me as I don’t often think of him as funny, but his super-spy stories are absolutely hilarious and really set the satiric tone of the film.

Spy - Berk ReviewsThis is probably my favorite film, other than Bridesmaids, that Paul Feig has written/directed. On the other hand, he is responsible for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot that I’m not as excited about. His style is hit or miss with me and this film happened to land quite well. The mocking of many spy films that have come before is really well written in this one. It’s done with respect, but manages to mock a lot of the tropes and having a female who is initially pinned down to a desk job rise above the stereotypes is effective as well. Definitely offers some interesting perspective on the genre.

I wasn’t really planning on watching this film, but I’m glad I did. There were several laugh out loud moments that made the movie enjoyable. If you missed Spy I recommend you check it out when you get a chance as it’s a rather fun time.