Edge of Tomorrow - Berk ReviewsI’ve wanted to see Edge of Tomorrow for a while, but I just kept putting it off. I was listening to Movie Fights today and Samm Levine made an argument for Emily Blunt to be cast as X23, often referred to as the female Wolverine, citing her performance from Edge of Tomorrow as his justification. As expected, I loved this film, and feel comfortable rating it as a Must See action movie.

Edge of Tomorrow is worth a re-watch!

Cage (Tom Cruise) is essentially a PR person for the American military that gets forced into battle to prove the suits he’s been pushing work. After encountering an enemy and killing it with himself, he wakes up to find he has new powers that allows him to relive the same day every day when he dies. He uses this new power to become a better soldier and try to defeat the enemy.

Edge of Tomorrow - Berk ReviewsThe action equivalent of Groundhog Day is super exciting and very well put together. Emily Blunt is fantastic in this movie as is Tom Cruise. The two work really well on-screen together. I really liked seeing the way this film was cut as it managed to bring some pretty funny moments mixed into some really intense action scenes. The training montage may be one of the best I’ve seen thanks to Cage’s new found powers.

Edge of Tomorrow - Berk ReviewsI think this may be my favorite Tom Cruise movie. I know a lot of people are hit and miss with him, but he tends to make movies that just work for me. His performance in this film is great as he is a fish out of water that has to learn how to swim. The fact that he can die while learning makes for crazy sequences and awesome editing opportunities that are well executed. Director Doug Liman definitely has a knack for action films.

If you’re like me and missed this film do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as you can. I wasn’t even committed to giving the film my full attention, and it kept pulling me in. I was really just putting it on while I was inventorying my movie collection, but this film really slowed my process down. It’s great and full of awesome moments.