The Nice Guys - Berk ReviewsThe first time I saw the trailer for The Nice Guys I knew I wanted to see it. Then I found out that Shane Black wrote and directed it and I was even more convinced. I went to see the film with lots of expectations and often that’s not good, but luckily it was amazing. I was extremely happy with the film and believe it deserves the Must See rating.

The Nice Guys bring the funny!

Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is a muscle for hire that ends up crossing paths with Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a private eye. Healy beats up March and the two part ways, but Healy end up needing March’s skills to help find the woman who hired him. The two unwittingly end up in a much bigger problem than expected and need every bit of their skills in order to make it out unscathed.

The Nice Guys - Berk ReviewsI love the tone Shane Black is able to establish in this film. A legitimate action film with great moments of comedy. Much like Iron Man 3, which I loved despite a lot of unhappy comic book fans protests, this film really brings the comedy and Ryan Gosling is proving to be hilarious.  The chemistry Gosling and Crowe have on screen is tremendous, but the big surprise is Angourie Rice.

The Nice Guys - Berk ReviewsRice plays March’s daughter Holly and is fantastic throughout the film. In the trailer she seems like she is going to be a minor character, but her importance in the film is well written and her performance is perfect. She manages to work her way into the duo and fit nicely into the moments. Not to take away from the leads, as they are magnificent in this film, but I didn’t expect her to be prominent and Black nailed the casting.

The plot is actually really well put together, and, while some people may point out potential plot holes or at least loose ends, I hope this is just the first of a few films. I would love to see more of the world of The Nice Guys as the trio are extremely interesting. I was invested in the characters, I laughed many times, and the action was well filmed and choreographed. I recommend you catch this film as soon as you can.