Jurassic World - Berk ReviewsI saw Jurassic World twice last year and really enjoyed it a lot. It’s exactly what a popcorn movie should be and pays tribute to the original film, which I love so much! I noticed it was on HBO and couldn’t help but watch it for the 366. I still enjoy the film, but the issues with it stood out a lot more this time around making me hesitate on my rating, but after thinking on it I’m have to say that Jurassic World is Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy.

Jurassic World is a fun favorite of 2015

A new park is open not far from the original Jurassic Park and has been going very well, but decrease in people coming to the park has pushed the scientists of Jurassic World to create a hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus Rex. However, the creature proves to be more dangerous than expected things start to go wrong.

Jurassic World - Berk ReviewsI love Chris Pratt in almost everything, and this film is no different. Bryce Dallas Howard is probably one of the worst parts of the film, but she manages to still be tolerable. Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins aren’t horrible as the kid duo in the film, but I think my favorite character is Blue. Yeah, the CGI raptor is my favorite part of this film and it’s a credit to the film makers and Chris Pratt’s interactions with the raptor that make her so awesome. Blue is awesome every time she shows up on screen and I don’t care if it’s lame for me to choose a CGI dinosaur as my favorite character.

Jurassic World - Berk ReviewsColin Trevorrow directs and has a co-writing credit with 6 other people and did an excellent job. The writing seems to be the bigger issue with the film and Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire, refusal to take off her high heels. There are other little issues and even the usually solid Vincent D’Onofrio has some lines that feel kind of fake. The overall plot isn’t horrible, but little aspects of it do leave a bad taste at times.

The thing is though, despite the little problems, this movie is FUN. It brings back a lot of the love of the first film, especially a scene where the boys stumble upon some relics of the first film and the music hits just right. Ultimately, films come down to the emotional reaction they elicit and this film nailed that for me. It was the perfect mix of action, comedy and nostalgia that really made me love it.