Tucker and Dale - Berk ReviewsI was in the mood for a comedy and I’ve been told by several friends that I need to watch Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. I knew it was a horror comedy featuring two “hillbilly” characters, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil made me laugh and was an interesting take on horror films earning itself the rating of Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy.

Tucker and Dale are just misunderstood!

Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are off to fix up their vacation home, a dilapidated cabin in the woods, and a group of college kids are entering those same woods for a camping trip. After a series of misunderstandings the two groups are pitted against each other and a fight for survival ensues.

Tucker and Dale - Berk ReviewsI really enjoy Tyler Labine. He was one of the only positive aspects of The Boss and I loved his performance in this movie. He has a teddy bear quality and fits into the lovable oaf archetype quite nicely. His comedic timing with the often funny Alan Tudyk is superb in this film. There were several moments with the two that I found myself laughing obnoxiously and uncontrollably.

Tucker and Dale - Berk ReviewsThe film does a great job of taking the traditional horror film scenarios where a group of college kids truthfully believe they are being taken out by a group of crazy, mountain hillbillies. The scenes of the college kids talking make the audience think they’re in peril, but we are privy to the truth that Tucker and Dale are two kind-hearted guys just trying to fix up their new place. The deaths that ensue are comical and slightly graphic violence, but the R rating is for language and violence.

Most of the plot is perfectly acceptable, but it did start feeling a little slow when stuff got a little more serious. It comes back around again and ends strong. Director Eli Craig now has two of my favorite comedy horror films with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Zombieland both being directed by him.

I didn’t think my wife would enjoy this film, but she stuck it out the whole way through. It managed to grab both of us and pulled us in. There are a lot of great moments and parody like aspects that make this film memorable. It’s easy to see why I’d been told to watch this film so many times, and, since it’s on Netflix, you can watch it rather easily too. I definitely recommend catching this film.