Money Monster - Berk ReviewsI’m a fan of arriving early to everything, and even though I know my local theater will show 20 minutes of trailers I may or may not want to see I tend to arrive before they start. Sometimes the trailers are ones I’ve seen, other times they’re ones I know I won’t watch, and other times there is one that I hadn’t anticipated wanting to see until the trailer lands in front of me. Money Monster falls into that last category as I heard nothing about it other than a trailer in the theater weeks ago. The trailer really intrigued me, but the movie itself left me wanting a little more. Nevertheless, I’d say Money Monster is a Decent Watch, but one you can went to rent.

Money Monster lacks suspense but brings solid performances.

Money Monster is a financial TV show starring Lee Gates (George Clooney) that offers financial advice weekly. Gates and his director Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) are put into an intense scenario when an irate investor, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell), who feels burned by the system when a company Gates suggested suddenly looses lots of money.

Money Monster Clooney - Berk ReviewsThe best part of this film is the George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Clooney has always been hit or miss for me with his film choices, but his performance in this film is very compelling. The connection he establishes with Kyle is believable and hits some of the emotional beats rather well. The interactions between Roberts and Clooney help to establish his character and their relationship seems rather interesting.

Money Monster - Berk ReviewsClooney definitely is the highlight, but it’s still kind of a dull thriller. The stakes are never really raised after the initial entrance. While O’Connell does a pretty solid job being the everyman, the plot just feels a little flat and the payoff is a little underwhelming. The story is interesting, but an interesting premise does not alone a thriller make. What could have helped this film would have been to show a lot less in the trailer.

Money Monster - Berk ReviewsA lot of the key moments of the film are in the trailer, but a few moments still manage to impress despite having been seen in the trailer. One in particular is the video conversation between Kyle and his girlfriend, Molly (Emily Meade), which is seen in the trailer and shows Molly explaining what happened to Kyle and her. However, the film plays the moment a little differently and much more memorable than expected. The film manages to insert a few laughs despite the tense situations.

Ultimately, Jodie Foster’s Money Monster isn’t bad, but there isn’t anything particularly revolutionary or memorable about the film. There were good moments in the film, but I never felt the suspense that I was hoping to in a film like this. It’s not one you need to rush out and see unless you are a die hard Julia Roberts or George Clooney fan.