Keanu Key and Peele - Berk ReviewsThe first screenplay I ever wrote was largely because of the book Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. I believe it was Geoff Tate on an episode of Comedy Film Nerds pointed out that Keanu was a movie where the plotline was literally having to save a cat. However, I’m very impressed with the brilliance of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele and I was committed to seeing their first movie. Keanu is worthy of the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.

Keanu purrs and the laughter roars!

Keanu Poster - Berk ReviewsClarence (Keegan-Michael Key) and Rell (Jordan Peele) risk life and limb in order to retrieve Rell’s stolen kitten by pretending to be drug dealers for a street gang run by Cheddar (Method Man).

Key and Peele managed to get several laugh out loud moments. The movie isn’t non-stop laughs and there are a few dull moments, but they always manage to fit a joke that makes you burst out in laughter. In many ways the film feels like a parody of earlier films like Boyz n the Hood and Menace II Society fit into modern times. Yet, it’s not mocking the culture as much as pulling the clichés and taking two non-stereotypical guys and forcing them to become the stereotypes of these films in order to survive. These guys are just really getting started and their ability to act and interact is so strong that I’ll watch most things they put their name on.

Keanu Cheddar - Berk ReviewsThere are several scenes that I would love to discuss as my favorite in the film. For the sake of not ruining the film I’ll keep it to elements early on. The opening sequence is an action one and it’s pretty well put together by director Peter Atencio. After a month of having Keanu, Clarence finds Rell taking movie theme pictures of Keanu for a calendar for friends and family. It’s cute and ridiculous which is sort of the tone throughout the film. There are lots of great moments in the film.

It’s hard to tell whether a comedy deserves to be a Must See or not. This film isn’t perfect, but does a really good job of bringing the laughs. The McGuffin of Keanu works for the most part, but it does lose it’s momentum a few times which justifies the drop to Not Quite Golden. Still, if you don’t mind swearing and some other adult content then the film is definitely worth your time.