I’m not ashamed to admit I cry from time to time.  Thus, this edition of the Top Five features scenes from films that made me cry. Most of the time if a movie makes me cry, I simply mean a single tear rolled from my eye. However, there have been some that hits the button a little harder and the water gates open and the tears come pouring out. I’ve compiled a list of the top five scenes in films that have made me tear up, cry, or caused a complete emotional breakdown that left me lying on the floor in the fetal position. Luckily, I tend to avoid movies where the beloved pet is going to die so this list is animal death free! Let’s assume that if an animal dies an untimely death I’ll probably tear up and move into the list!

SPOILERS as I’m giving away Top Five scenes that made me cry

#5 – Inside Out – Riley finally cries

Inside Out - Top five scenes that made me cryNot only is this scene appropriate for the list, but it was a lesson I finally had to learn. Sometimes you have to cry. The film was full of emotion, but this scene and the revelation of the importance to express sadness and not bury it down hit home. The salty liquid that are my tears welled, and one tear was quickly blinked out and wiped away. I defied the film and suppressed my sadness and let joy overtake as I realized it was a good thing that Riley was finally crying.

#4 – Toy Story 3 – Toys about to burn

Toy Story 3 - Top five scenes that made me cryOkay, Pixar hits the heart strings. I could probably have listed several of their films, but this scene killed me. Not only did I cry the first time I saw it, but every time I’ve watched the film. In fact, even looking for the still of it almost brought tears to my eyes. They’re about to die and they embrace each other one last time and accept their fate….Luckily my tears cooled the molten lava like substance they were hurtling towards and I saved the film…well, something like that. It hits friendship and love of each other and the love I have for them that really makes this scene emotional.

#3 – Fruitvale Station – Injustice leaves a daughter fatherless

Fruitvale Station - Top five scenes that made me cryThere were so many things about this amazing film that brought tears to my eyes. The true story element. The fact that a man who was unarmed, pinned to the ground, and with his arms behind his back could be shot by a police officer upset me so much. The fact that the officer was able to get his charge dropped to manslaughter as he claimed to have confused his taser and his gun and then only serve half of the two year sentence upset me more. Then, seeing Oscar Grant’s actual daughter now fatherless and being a father myself just broke me. I sat there with the credits rolling trying very hard not to cry, but that wasn’t happening.

#2 – Toy Story 3 – Andy’s farewell

Toy Story 3 - Top five scenes that made me cryYes…this movie made me cry twice. Every. Time. I. Watch. It. However, if you’ve ever had that toy that you loved so much and then finally knew it was time to say goodbye then you can relate to this film. I remember losing my favorite teddy bear when I was like three years old and being devastated. I remember giving away my favorite action figures to my younger cousins or watching them leave for pennies at yard sales. In the immortal words of Boys II Men, “It’s so hard to say goodbye…” well the rest isn’t important. The scene where Andy leaves the toys is heart breaking, but you know it’s best for all parties involved.

#1 – August Rush – Music Brings the family together

August Rush - Top five scenes that made me cryOkay, so the movie ended. I stood up and walked out of the room I was watching the movie in and then proceeded to break down so hard that I didn’t even know what was happening. My father left when I was two-years-old. I became a musician in part because he was a musician and I thought if I made it big he would see me. This movie resonated on such a deeply personal level for me that I didn’t even know it was coming. I did eventually meet my dad, but it wasn’t because of my successful music career.

August Rush - Top five scenes that made me cryThe scene where August’s parents reunite and the revelation that August was her once thought dead son is alive. The dads realization that the kid he played guitar with in the park is his son. These elements were the perfect molotov cocktail of sadness and joy that brought me to tears.

What movie scenes made you cry?

Leave your top five list in the comments below. You don’t have to do a whole list of course, but when have you cried at a film. Did you also cry at any of the moments I spoke about?