The Hunting Ground PosterThe Hunting Ground is a documentary that came to my attention at the Academy Awards and Lady Gaga’s amazingly powerful performance and then later her robbery of the best original song award. I was happy to hear that the film was finally on Netflix, but at the same time I was worried about sitting through such a frustrating subject. Being the father of a 12-year-old daughter definitely doesn’t help the feeling of dread and my desire for her to be sent to a convent somewhere far away from any traditional college campus. However, the documentary is extremely well made and the arguments are presented in a way that manages to stay somewhat objective and allowing the numbers to speak volumes about the severity of the issues. I definitely feel The Hunting Ground hits the Must See movie list especially with it on Netflix.

The Hunting Ground Overview

The Hunting Ground is an expose of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups, and the impact that it has on students and their families. Several major universities are focused on and survivors from those schools are interviewed and their stories are shared.

The Hunting Ground - Dramatic Bridge ShotThe most famous of the stories told in the film are the Jameis Winston case while he was a student athlete at Florida State University. The documentary definitely presents the accused rape as fact, but rather than focusing on Winston and the accused guilt which was never taken to court and was subsequently not prosecuted they focus on how the accusation was mishandled. The way FSU handled the accusation, which mirrors how many of the schools handle rape claims, is more frustrating than the fact that a rape happened. I’ll spare details so you can experience the reactions that I had, but the idea that women and men are being violated and then ignored is infuriating.

This documentary is one that can really change the world that people are living in and the more who see it the more likely a change can occur. I really encourage you to see it, share it, and spread the word about the message in this film.