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I decided that I will be doing a series of top five lists with specific subjects listing films that I’m a fan of for one reason or another. The reason I’m starting off with this topic is the number one movie is being referenced with the top five list. Movies about music lovers features five films that I love and focus around a character who is obsessed with music. I was a rock musician for much of my life with the ambition to make it my career. It didn’t work out, but I found a kinship with these films over the years. This list evolved to this version as I feel I could do several lists around music based films. These films don’t necessarily feature music, but definitely feature the love of it. For this list I’ll name the film and the character whose love of music was my favorite in the film. Let’s get started and there WILL BE SPOILERS!!!


Movie #5 – The Rocker – Robert “Fish” Fishman

A film that I felt got overlooked features Rainn Wilson as Fish who was drummer for now legendary rock band Vesuvius until he was replaced right before they were signed. Since then, he has denounced music until his nephew (Josh Gad)  needs his drumming talent so his band can play the prom. It’s a funny film that features Teddy Geiger’s musical talents to really cement the music home. The passion that Rainn Wilson shows for music in both the positive and negative light is super familiar to it.

Movie #4 – Rock Star – Chris “Izzy” Cole

This is the ultimate fan experience in film form. Chris “Izzy” Cole (Mark Wahlberg) is the biggest fan of Steel Dragon so much so that he is the singer of a Steel Dragon tribute band. His attention to detail leans towards the obsessed, but it ends up paying off for Izzy. After Steel Dragon’s singer is kicked out of the band, Izzy is given the opportunity every fan wishes, he gets to join his favorite band! Of course, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but Izzy’s success mimics what every fan who sings the words to their favorite bands songs with gusto wishes would happen to them.

Movie #3 – School of Rock – Dewey Finn

A rock musician, Dewey Finn (Jack Black) finds himself without his band right before the big Battle of the Bands contest. By coincidence, he ends up being a substitute at a private school and discovers his students are extremely talented musicians with no rock education. He converts his classroom into an extreme crash course of rock history tied with music writing and performance. Every music lover wishes their high school class could have been like this! Dewey’s passion for music pushes him to breaking the law, committing fraud, and kidnapping but all that’s laughed off after the success of the student band changes the parents perception of Dewey’s actions.

Movie #2 – August Rush – Evan Taylor  ‘August Rush’

Evan (Freddie Highmore) is an orphan who believes that his parents are out there. Soon, he believes that music will bring his parents back to him. It turns out that Evan is a musical prodigy and goes through a string of instruments, mentors, and professional training before getting to conduct the New York Philharmonic for Juilliard. The song does exactly what Evan expected and his mother and father reunite. This film implies the power of music and the connection to our hearts…could their be a bigger lover of music than a kid who believes the mystical power it carries?  

Movie #1 – High Fidelity – Rob Gordon

Rob (John Cusack) owns a record store and is struggling to make ends meat. He also is the inspiration for the Top Five aspect of this blog, as he constantly makes top five lists and even calls his record label Top Five records. Rob uses music throughout the film including organizing his personal record collection autobiographically. Jack Black gets to demonstrate his musical talent in this film as well, but Rob’s passion for music is felt throughout the film. I’ve often found myself relating to Rob especially with the elitist mindset.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. What films did I miss? Should they be ordered differently? Did you just watch one of the movies because of my recommendation and, if so, what’d you think?


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  1. PoppaLock

    I had high hopes for August Rush but it left me going , “yea, right”.
    High Fidelity- loved it.
    School of Rock- good fun.
    RockStar- too long to develop, too slow on delivery, but OK.
    The Rocker- ugh.

    What about:
    Rock of Ages
    This is Spinal Tap

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