After watching Man Up and remembering the best part of What Happens in Vegas, I’ve decided to watch a few more Lake Bell films. In a World… is currently available for free on  Amazon Instant and is not only starring Lake Bell, but is also written and directed by her. I really enjoyed this film and it had lots of great comedic actors and believable characters earning the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.

91sprlPNoOL._SL1500_Carol (Bell) is a struggling voice coach who finds herself competing in the movie-trailer voice-over profession against her father (Fred Melamed) and his protege (Ken Marino).

IaW2Accompanying the aforementioned actors are Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Alexandra Holden, Demetri Martin, Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro, Stephanie Allynne, Eva Longoria, and Geena Davis. Bell is the driving force of the plot and her personality and voice work really makes the film stand out. Her interaction with the other characters really makes for some great moments, but her interaction with the awkward Louis (Demetri Martin) are some of my favorites. I would say her ability to write a character that is strong, but unsure of herself while trying to find her place in a male dominated industry is impressive. The dialogue and reactions feel extremely organic, which leads to a very relate-able story that’s set in a world that isn’t one many are familiar with.

Alexandra-Holden-Fred-Melamed-and-Lake-Bell-in-In-a-World...-2013-Movie-ImageBell manages to break some common character archetypes especially in the “groupie” girlfriend of her father. Traditionally a younger girlfriend tends to be the cause of division of father and daughter, but Jessica (Holden) actually seems to be pushing for a stronger relationship between father and daughters.  It’s a refreshing take on this type of character and again makes women look rational and intelligent, which often isn’t depicted in the world of film. Bell’s strong, independent take on women in film can be seen in most of her roles, but she often tapers off that sharp portrayal with a reminder that all people are human regardless of gender and neither is truly better than the other. She seems to be able to straddle the line that often gets blurred by other writers in either making women in films cold and rigid or bubbly and moronic.

I definitely recommend this film if you’re a fan of comedies, good writing, and interesting stories. I wouldn’t say the film is perfect, but it’s definitely enjoyable. Bell shines in this film and Demetri Martin gives the best performance I’ve seen from him on screen.