I went to my local theater to see this film a little apprehensive about the content and who might see me there. I’d heard the film would be extremely inappropriate, but fortunately for me and unfortunately for this film the theater was practically empty. Our theater isn’t always super busy anyways, but it’s rare to be the only person in the theater, but I actually really enjoyed The Bronze feeling it lands on the high end of being A Decent Watch.

The_Bronze_posterHope (Melissa Rauch) is a former bronze medalist in gymnastics and has been living on her accomplishment for most of her adult life. After her former coach dies, Hope is tasked with training the newest protege Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson), but can she put her selfish ways aside and train this potential new star.

The film has some great talent starting with Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch (if you haven’t watched Silicon Valley you really should), and Sebastian Stan. Rauch has a slightly different voice than what she uses on Big Bang Theory, but her character has some great mannerism. She is vulgar and blunt, but has a kind heart and clearly cares about her town. They’ve been good to her and for the most part she is good to them. However, she’s a broken person and that leads for some funny moments. I didn’t laugh out loud too frequently, but I felt that was the atmosphere. I’d love to she this film with a theater full of people as I could see laughter emanating from the crowd.

0539b9e52bb1694815cdb4feb1ffc6d830a7cf13.jpg.cfRauch and her husband Winston Rauch co-wrote this film and her story is reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone’s. They held onto the script until she was able to make it her way. The story of the film is actually pretty great. I really enjoyed the growth that Hope goes through and the story with Twitchy (Middleditch) is fantastic. I think this is a film I will buy and probably watch a few times. There is a lot of solid work done in this film, and while I didn’t laugh at every moment I was always in the film. A lot of the comedy is subtle and that works really well.

The part that shocked me the most was the cinematography of the film. I don’t expect to discuss camerawork in a comedy, but there were some very memorable shots. My favorite is during Maggie’s performance in the Olympics, the shot is very wide with Hope centered perfectly towards the bottom of the frame. The shot really accentuates what is going on inside Hope and is a very interesting way of showing what’s going on. There’s a shot of a cigarette butt, shots through the fish tank, and they’re all purposeful not just for aesthetic quality.

This is definitely not a film for everyone. There is possibly the funniest sex scene captured on film and the opening scene would make a person uncomfortable if they were watching it with their grandparents. However, those two moments kind of bookend the most extreme aspects of this film leaving the rest up to conversation.

I’d say this is a really well made movie.  It’s clearly been fine tuned and is a great showcase for Rauch. If you don’t mind some foul language then I’d say check this out so more indie films get wider distribution.