I saw a lot of movies in 2015. No where near as many as I’m going to watch this year, but I’d say 2015 was a good year. This list is not saying they are the best, but they are the films that I enjoyed the most. Some are well regarded and some are not enjoyed by others, but they made me happy. While this list could easily change, this is what I’m going with:

#10 Jurassic World

 I love Chris Pratt. If he is in a movie I’m probably going to enjoy it. Jurassic World was a much anticipated sequel, and it lived up to my expectations. Is it perfect? No. Does Bryce Dallas Howard run around a jungle in high heels? Yes.  Did I have a blast at the movies? Hell yeah! Blue may have been one of my favorite characters last year…I love that dinosaur.

#9 Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

 This movie seems to have a group of supporters and a group of haters. I loved it and am making plans to show it to my film students this year. It does have the traditional teen indie feel like Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I like it. Add in that the characters are making movies and it won me over.

#8 The Hateful Eight

I swear I didn’t plan for this to be number eight, but it works out nicely. Samuel L. Jackson and Walton Goggins won me over in this film. I’m a Tarantino fan and I love his style. The dialogue in this film is fantastic and horrifying. The violence is gruesome. The story is an interesting character study and a mystery. I also got to see it during the Roadshow and that definitely earned some cool points for this film.

#7 Ex Machina

I’d heard about this film for many months before I finally sat to watch it. Three amazing actors. One really interesting story. Impressive special effects. It’s just a great watch.

#6 Creed 

I love Rocky. The others are not as good, but Creed felt like watching Rocky again. I loved Stallone’s performance in this film and Michael B. Jordan redeemed himself after watching the worst movie of 2015, The Fantastic Four. I brought my daughter to this film and she also loved it.

#5 Steve Jobs

I think this is one of the most underrated films of 2015. I was engaged the entire film. This movie is 90% dialogue, but it feels like an action film. It’s something I’m finding that I love about films. Dialogue that moves like action is something that really impresses me as I find writing dialogue to be very challenging. I think everyone should check this film out, it’s not a traditional biopic, but it’s great.

#4 Mad Max: Fury Road 

My full review of this film is on the site already, but it’s a nonstop thrill ride with interesting characters and amazing practical effects. If you didn’t see it watch it. If you only saw it once, watch it again.

#3 Star Wars: The Force Awakens –

I am a huge Star Wars fan. My film students watched all six movies this year in preparation for the new one. It is my opinion that we have to watch the bad ones to appreciate how great the originals were. What more, Force Awakens is tied for my favorite Star Wars film with Empire Strikes Back. Finn and Rey are amazing characters and Kylo Ren may become my favorite villain in the Star Wars universe. I can’t wait for Episode 8!

#2 Spotlight

This movie spoke to me in many ways. It shows the power of investigative journalism, which is what I wanted to become when I went to college. It’s such a sad story and yet inspirational. My full review is also on the site already.

#1 Room 

Many people loved this movie and it was one of the last ones from 2015 I saw. I loved every second of this film. It’s tragic, hopeful, and an original story. My full review is also on the site, but I loved it. Jacob Trembley is a great actor for being so young and I hope he is able to stay normal in Hollywood, but continues acting.