I think part of this blog will be discovering who I am as a movie viewer. I decided to compile a list of my favorite, not necessarily the best movies but ones that I love and re-watch/re-visit, movies from all time. This list may change but I think I’ll keep some version of log of former members of the list at the end of this post. There will be none as of this writing as I narrowed down my picks to ten.

The Star Wars Trilogy:

I know it’s kind of cheating to pick three movies as one, but if I had to choose my favorite of the trilogy is Empire Strikes Back. However, I feel that since the entire story isn’t over until the trilogy is I can include this. I love the characters, I love the revolutionary film making techniques that are used, I love the iconography that came from this film, and I love STAR WARS! Add in that this movie touches on tons of archetypes and is the hero’s journey and you’ve got the making of a legend

Back to the Future Trilogy:

In all honesty, I’m more inclined with this franchise to just put the first movie, but I do enjoy the whole trilogy. Most people pick the second film, but that’s based solely on the cool future scenes. Unfortunately, the second film is the biggest set of plot holes the story has as it disregards any of the time travel information we learned in the first movie. Nonetheless, I have seen these hundreds of times and I still enjoy the performances and the comedy of the films.

Fight Club:

When I was in high school, I went to a movie every weekend. There was one weekend when there wasn’t one playing that I specifically wanted to see so we settled on Fight Club rationalizing that there would at least be some action. I walked out of that film with my mind blown and a new appreciation for Brad Pitt. I’d never seen a movie with such a cool twist, that my high school mind did not foresee. Add in Edward Norton and Brad Pitts cool on screen chemistry and it’s a movie I’ve loved since I was 17.

Jurassic Park:

This movie holds my personal record for a film seen in theaters. I saw Jurassic Park in the theater four different times because I loved it. Even though the raptors haunted my nightmares for weeks…THEY CAN OPEN DOORS! The music is amazing, the effects, the characters, it’s just such a marvel of a film. Not to mention Jeff Goldblum and chaos theory!


Much like Fight Club, I went in just expecting to see a pretty cool martial art film with the guy from Bill and Teds. I walked out questioning everything around me and looking over my shoulder for agents. The story was so compelling and I even got to use it as a parallel of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave while teaching philosophy to my 9th grade Inquiry Skills classes. I am a big fan of this film, but NOT the sequels.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

I love video games. I love martial arts fight scenes. I love rock music. I love quirky comedies. I love Edgar Wright. Mix them all together to turn a quirky black and white comic book into a full motion picture and you have me! This movie didn’t get me to the theater, but conquered my living room and was the first movie in ages that I watched multiple times in a few weeks. Another film I was excited to get to teach as it’s such a compelling and fun film with great film elements.

The World’s End …or the Cornetto Trilogy:

I’m a big Edgar Wright fan as mentioned previously. My favorite of the Cornetto Trilogy is The World’s End, but I truly love all the films. They all have the elements that make them thoroughly enjoyably as well great cinematography and acting. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make me extremely happy.


Matthew McConaughey has won me over with the film Mud. I’m a Chris Nolan fan because all of the movies I’ve seen. I love the Bat Trilogy (even though rises was lacking in many ways), I love Memento, and Inception is fantastic. I taught this film last year and it took up most of the end of our year as my students created the historical interviews capturing what it is like to live in our time. The film is fantastically acted, great sound, interesting concepts, and amazing special effects. Plus it clearly inspired The Martian (joking).

Toy Story:

I actually love all three of the films. However, it’s a film I saw as a kid in theaters and then got to show my kid and it held up. I like the second film, and the third film may hold the record for times I cried in a film and on subsequent views. The film captured the imagination of every kid who wondered if their toys did things when they were away. It’s funny and well cast and the first of a great line of Pixar films.


This was the third Wes Anderson Film I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox before seeing Rushmore. I was already a fan of Jason Schwartzman because of Scott Pilgrim and Fantastic Mr. Fox, but Rushmore one me over. All I knew of Rushmore before seeing the film was the “Oh, are they” joke made at Luke Wilson’s expense. The film is full of sarcasm and great acting and it’s a must see film!