If this blog is going to be successful I’m going to need help.  First of all, let’s start with the #berk7in7 as the hashtag to help track Twitter chatter and Facebook posts! Second, help me get the word out of what exactly 7-in-7 means!  I’m going to be watching 366 movies next year. Then I’m going to write a review for each, so 366 reviews if you’re doing the math at home. Let’s get some people to this site, added to my Facebook page, following @berkreviews on Twitter, and I’ve even made a board on Pinterest where I’ll be pinning movie posters of all the movies I watch!

Alright, next up is the need of support with giving. I know asking for money so I can watch movies is a bit much, but there is more to it than that. I’m looking to build on this. Think of this as a start-up business and you’re investing in me. Every dollar that goes to the Go Fund Me page will be used to support this challenge and the blog it lives on. However, if you want to help but maybe you’re tight on spare cash (I completely UNDERSTAND!) then you could help by donating Vudu, iTunes, and other digital codes from movies you own or buy.

If you take a snapshot of the code and all the steps needed to redeem it and send me an email here (jonberk@berkreviews.com) or tweet at me that you’ve got a code and I’ll direct message you for you to send it.

Alright, the new year fast approaches. I’m starting with The Godfather I & II as the first two movies of 2016!  I’m ready for this…are you? Thanks for all the support shown so far!